Get to my Point!

How many of you out there have been to an industry trade show, wandering aimlessly on the show floor, listening to all the sales guys pitching their product to anyone who will listen?  After awhile, the voices just become an incoherent blob of mindless blather, repeated at an incredibly annoying pace.  The delivery, the message, the cadence, always the same – with no deviation from the predetermined script set forth weeks in advance.  These drones are going to get their message out, come Hell or high water.  You will learn all about them and their beloved products, whether you want to or not.  No trade show attendee is going to stop them from puking out THEIR message.

What?!  Didn’t you go to the trade show to get help with YOUR issues? Do you really give a rats ass about his life, his accomplishments, his products, or his dog?  No, of course not.  You only care if he can help you with your issues.  Did he ask about your needs before he launched into his show?  Did he get an understanding of your challenges and future plans?  Where’s the value?  When does he get to your point?  Unless his points mesh with your points, there is no point.

In February, I’m headed to the National Grocers Association Show ( in Las Vegas.  Yes, I will be manning a booth on the trade show floor.  No, I am not going to the show with a perfectly manicured script to splatter all over the crowd, with hopes of hitting someone who might care.  I have no intention of talking about me, my booth props, or my imaginary pet.  I refuse to become part of the incoherent blob of mindless blather.  Nope, instead I am going to this event to get an education.  I am resolved to learn more about the inventory needs of the retail grocery industry.  I am going to ask questions that will invite meaningful conversations intended to help the people at the show.  For me to show up at this conference thinking I have all the answers to their inventory problems would be disrespectful to the crowd, and the professional experience they bring to the table.  I am going to listen, learn, offer value and insight, and see if I can’t partner with people to solve THEIR issues.

If your current inventory service isn’t listening to your needs, asking about your issues, or working with you to reach your goals, then what’s in it for you?  Is your progress being held back because someone else’s points are being addressed?  Are you stuck dealing with dated technology, canned reporting, poor scheduling?  Where’s the love?  Where’s the partnership?   Tell them, “Get to my point, please.”

If you’re going to The NGA Show in Las Vegas and you need someone to address your inventory points, then stop by and see me! I will at the Mirage Convention Center to learn more about your needs and issues.

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