Additional Services

AIS will provide customized service to each of your locations and will be completed per your specifications.

Additional Services:

Fixed Asset Inventory is an inventory that offers three different levels of service:
  • - Manual paper and pencil audit
  • - Barcode SKU/UPC audit
  • - Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

In each case, we will return detailed, summary reporting of your facility’s fixed assets.

RFID Systems offer a completely automated Passive RFID asset inventory solution. It is designed to significantly reduce the amount of time spent auditing and locating assets by streamlining the process, improving accuracy and automating the reconciliation process. Physical inventories of fixed assets using RFID are up to 20 times faster than existing manual and barcode inventory audit processes. Unlike manual and barcode asset tracking processes that require you to physically locate and visually read or scan each individual asset tag one at a time, multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously.

Change of Ownership Auditing can be the most important inventory a business owner will ever have done. It is through this process that the buyer and seller come to agreement as to the value of the business and its inventory. This type of inventory is similar to a Financial Inventory but also includes a valuation of the business's supplies and facilities.

Price Verification may well be the most comprehensive and valuable service a retailer will ever experience. This audit is completed through the use of SKU/UPC Auditing along with the customer's willingness and ability to provide up-to-date and accurate software listings of each UPC code and its appropriate price. Upon completion of the audit our customers are presented with a list of all mispriced items in the retail location. Mispriced items are flagged when they are located, which facilitates the customer taking corrective action. Alternatively, we can generate new price labels as our crews encounter incorrect prices. This service may be combined with a Financial Inventory at a lower cost than performing these functions separately and is often called Master File Verification.

Top 100 Tracking involves price comparison for competitive needs. We can help your business offer competitive prices by comparing the prices of the products in your business with the product prices of other business.

Competitive Pricing Tracking and Assessment involves price comparison for competitive needs. We can help your business offer competitive prices by comparing the prices of the products in your business with the product prices of other business.

Presentation Verification will help your business look its most presentable. Our staff can take the appropriate photos to present to your corporate office in order for them to see your business.

Ordering Assistance is helpful to your business when you need extra help with your ordering needs. Our professionals are very capable of making the necessary contacts to assist you in your ordering process.

Defective write-ups can be a time consuming project. That is why we offer our services in assisting your business with writing up any defective merchandise you may have acquired. In doing so, the merchandise will be able to be returned to the appropriate party.

Product Shows are always a good marketing tool. Our professional staff can help by filling in for those manufactures that are unable to attend.

New Product Cut Inns (Introduction Stocking) are important in order to place new items in the proper place on their shelves or location. Our team can evaluate your situation and make sure all of your products are shelved and placed properly.

Display maintenance and set-up is a service that can be valuable to you and your business. This task can be tedious and time consuming for your staff. Our team will be able to help you from setting up your displays and stocking end caps to building merchandise.

Plan-O-Gram; Set-up, Maintenance and Integrity Verification can be very useful and important tool for merchandising. Misplaced merchandise can lead to missed sales and customer confusion. Our team of professionals understands the importance and value of an appropriate plan-o-gram. We provide a method for ensuring that your products are placed in the right place for proper and effective shelf display.

POS-Maintenance and POP Signage Maintenance is vital to your business as it can maximize sales. Our team can provide your business with the appropriate signs and advertisement to help increase your revenue.

Promotional seasonal merchandise is very hectic, especially around the holidays. Our team can come into your business and take the stress off by assisting you with your seasonal merchandising.

New Store Set-up is an essential part of starting your business off on the right foot. We can send our team in to help your business with all of your new store set-up needs.

Product demonstrations are important for advertising and sales for your business. We can provide your business with our professional staff who can perform product demonstrations from cooking and food samples to demonstrating all sorts of equipment.

Resets and changeovers can benefit you when your business needs a positive change in its appearance. Missed placed items can lead to loss of sales and customer confusion. Our staff knows the importance of proper resets and changeovers and techniques for resets and changeovers are similar to plan-o-grams.

Product buy-back coordination is necessary when a manufacture has to buy back their product. Our team will be able to benefit your business by strategically organizing your buy-backs in order for them to be returned to the appropriate party

Product stocking is always important to your business. It can also be time consuming. We can relieve your employees by assisting in stocking your shelves for you.

Out of stock reporting is so significant to your business because it avoids potential loss of revenue. Our staff will be able to record and report all of your merchandise that is out of stock.

Category management is an organizational technique that can help your store maintain its merchandise. We will be able to assist you in this management by using several techniques such as plan-o-grams, POP, POS, and pricing assistance.

Pricing Assistance can be beneficial to your business, as pricing can be a monotonous task. Our team can help your business by assisting you in all of your pricing needs.