Inventory Services

All of Advanced Inventory Solutions' primary services call for partnering with a client. This allows you to benefit from the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and the flexibility and responsiveness of an internal operation. It does so in a timely manner and is customized to your specific standards and needs.

Grocery / Retail Inventory

AIS is a leader in providing regional retailers with inventory services including Financial, SKU, UPC counts and others. First priority service coupled with the most efficient and advanced technology in the industry offers you the tools to perfect your inventory process.

Our partners have the option of utilizing our RealTime Audit Partner which gives you full and complete transparency to the audit process.

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Hospital / Pharmacy Inventory

Comprehensive, enterprise-wide physical inventory of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, fixed assets and/or disposable supplies in acute care facilities.

AIS uses highly skilled, HIPAA-trained team leaders and team members equipped with the state of the art mobile technologies. We perform a comprehensive inventory analysis that allows us to complete the counts in an efficient, non-intrusive manner. We provide customized solutions based on the needs of the client.

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Convenience Store Inventory

AIS delivers first-class inventory services to the convenience store industry built on market leading technology and experience. We will partner up with you to develop your service and processes focused on your organization's needs.

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Additional Services

Our partners have the option of utilizing different, cost-effective services to help boost their bottom line. AIS will provide customized service to each of your locations and will be completed per your specifications.

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