Retail Inventory Services

All of Advanced Inventory Solutions' primary services call for a partnering with a client. This allows you to benefit from the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and the flexibility and responsiveness of an internal operation. It does so in a timely manner and is customized to your specific standards and needs.

SKU / UPC / Item Level Count

SKU / UPC Count provides the customer with a list of items in inventory as well as the quantity of each item by scanning the items bar codes. Values and item descriptions are also available. The final listing is left with the customer at the end of the inventory count. We can provide it on paper and/or on digital format. Results also may be downloaded from the the corporate office via our website within an hour of the completion of the the inventory.

Retail / Financial Audit

Retail / Financial Auditing is perhaps the most basic and popular of all inventory services. This service involves counting the physical inventory of your location using specialized equipment, and then processing the data to give you a complete report. We utilize laptop computers and laser printers to give you the best possible report. The final report is available at the conclusion of the count and is able to show comparisons with previous inventory results. Typically this type of inventory provides a compilation of inventory value by department and section at retail.

RealTime Audit Partner

RealTime Audit Partner provides our partners with instant insight into their audit, customized count tracking, and the ability to identify and correct item counts on the spot. Read more here...

More services provided to retailers can be found here.